7 Minutes to Improved Small Business Website Security

Video Transcription:

Today’s digital marketing tip is simple. And I think it’s one most small business owners, especially those who aren’t doing e-commerce or taking any type of payment on their site, can implement in less than 15 minutes. And it’s making the switch from HTTP to HTTPS.

While it sounds simple, you can get two benefits. One, it’s an SEO ranking signal. Switching to HTTPS gives your site an initial and lasting SEO boost. (From the Official Google Webmasters Blog – HTTPS as a ranking signal)

Number two, you get the benefit of a more secure site, which from the cyber risk, cyber liability side for small business owners, is paramount.

So, you can take a look at something like CloudFlare, www.cloudflare.com, probably have it up in less than 15 minutes. It boosts your SEO, protects you from the cyber risk, all in less than 15 minutes, easy win.

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