Best Small Business Digital Marketing Articles – Week of April 23

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Here are some of the best articles I read or (re-read) this week…


5 Email Growth Hacks You Should Use Now

Always Be Collecting Emails

There are three points in time during which you can capture a visitor’s email address: when they first arrive at your site, while they are interacting with your content, and when they leave. The more opportunities that a visitor has to provide their email address, the more likely they will do so. But in each case, you must offer something of value in exchange. Otherwise, your opt-in rate will be embarrassingly low.
The most common method of getting email signups on arrival is through the use of popups. Yes, they’re annoying, but they work. Variations such as the “top bar”, “scroll box” and “slide-in” have been created to overcome the annoyance factor and reduce “popup fatigue”.
Pop-ups and their variations tend to have low conversion rates, but you can improve this substantially through the use of a lead magnet tied to content on the page.

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Does Organic CTR Impact SEO Rankings? [New Data]

Which came first: the CTR or the ranking?

CTR and ranking are codependent variables. There’s obviously a relationship between the two, but which is causing what? In order to get to the bottom of this “chicken versus egg” situation, we’re going to have to do a bit more of an analysis.

The following graph takes the difference between an observed organic search CTR minus the expected CTR, to figure out if your page is beating — or being beaten by — the expected average CTR for a given organic position.

By only looking at the extent by which a keyword beats or is beaten by the predicted CTR, you are essentially isolating the natural relationship between CTR and ranking in order to get a better picture of what’s going on.

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The advice that backlinks don’t matter for SEO is BS

Getting link juice in 2016

Getting the kind of high-authority editorial links that Google wants to see is more difficult today than ever. Content marketing has exploded since 2014, increasing competition for high-quality links. Google has also cracked down heavily on paid link schemes, making it impossible for SEOs to buy, trade, or barter their way into organic results pages.

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