Building Brand Value and Customer Loyalty – MozTalk Philly Recap

building brand value and customer loyalty

I had the opportunity to attend yesterday’s MozTalk Philly, Building Brand Value and Customer Loyalty, at Seer Interactive (@SeerInteractive). First, let me say the Moz (@Moz) and Seer teams went above and beyond with the overall event.

The speaker lineup was excellent, the location was outstanding, and the price, $20, was unbeatable. Additionally, the 7th floor location provided an amazing view of the Philly skyline.

The Importance of Brand Value

Each of the 4 speakers did an excellent job examining how to improve brand value and customer loyalty from a different perspective. Adam Melson of Seer provided an excellent example of how a broken customer experience chain could cost a company millions. Erin McCaul of Moz demonstrated how a company’s customer service department should ideally be integrated into all facets of the organization. She even mentioned that at Moz everyone handles customer service at least once a year.

Purna Virji of Microsoft provided some excellent insight into how companies need to position their PPC ads to gauge consumer sentiment. Wil Reynolds of Seer examined how today’s SEOs need to reexamine what is actually of value. He provided excellent examples of how gaining links may not translate into more revenue for a company.

All of the presentations reinforced that growing a brand is more than just great digital marketing, it’s all about providing value for your customers and potential customers. Below, I curated some tweets from the event that provide an excellent glimpse into the event.

In addition to the excellent food and drink available before and after, Moz was also offering a free ticket to MozCon 2016 for the best answer to the question,

What Is Your Best Tip For Building Brand Loyalty?

Branding & Revenue Wins That Ignore Traditional SEO with Adam Melson (@adammelson)

Understanding customers and how they interact with your digital presence is more important than ever. Defining the value that your company provides and getting in front of customers can be the difference between a solid few months or a year of struggling for a business.

Adam will highlight examples of squeezing the most out of your SEO strategy, focusing beyond simple rankings, but scoping in on the actionable opportunity to be found and get the conversion.

Customer Engagement: Why Your Help Team Should Have a Seat at the Table with Erin McCaul (@eray_mccaul)

Welcome aboard Starship Dinosaur Party (aka the Moz Help Team)! On our voyage together we’ll look at the important role your customer support teams play in your customers’ engagement with your product and your brand.

More importantly, we’ll explore channels you can use to get valuable data from your support teams, and avenues you can create to make sure they have a seat at the table. Much like the Federation’s alliance with the Klingon Empire, this communication and partnership can only mean good things for your business and customer universe.

Clever Ways the World’s Most Valuable Brands Use PPC with Purna Virji (@purnavirji)

How can PPC help you build your brand and foster customer loyalty? Purna will share 3 different ways—with specific examples—that some of our best-loved brands leverage PPC to win hearts and dollars.

A Modern SEO’s View on Authority vs. Trust with Wil Reynolds (@wilreynolds)

Still think you need high Domain Authority or more links to win? Wil will make you reconsider. Instead of authority metrics and link totals, he’ll walk you through how to look at the SERP beyond rankings to find both who is trusted and how Google is interpreting that trust. He’ll also touch on how machine learning and query refinement should impact your content strategy.

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