Fastest Way to Improve Your Company Social Media Strategy

How To Improve Your Company Social Media Strategy

Video Transcription:

Hi, welcome to 1 Minute Marketing. Today’s tip is pretty simple, and it’s one that most business owners, especially those that are either already blogging or already doing something on social media, can benefit from. That is to choose, to use engaging, high-quality imagery in both your social media posts and blogs.

Now, I know most of us don’t have access to an in-house graphic designer, but there’s some great apps out there that can help you at least take your social media engagement to the next level, make it really worthwhile.

If you’re an iPhone user, I definitely recommend Adobe Spark Post. It is excellent, check it out. For some browser-based ones, PicMonkey or Canva are both outstanding along with Get Stencil, which has been getting better and better.

I definitely recommend taking a look at all three, see what works best for you, what interface you like. Personally, I’ve had the best success with Canva or Get Stencil when it was Share As Image.

So definitely take a look at them and start creating better quality images, while improving your social media engagement.

Additional Resources:

While working on putting this article together, I came across an excellent recap post from the recent Philly Social Media Day (@SMDayPHL). The article titled, 5 Things Chatterblast Learned at Philly Social Media Day 2016, offered some excellent insights from the conference, but particularly interesting was the section on the importance of visuals to social media marketing.

Most importantly, visuals are key.

This seemed to be the overarching theme of the entire day — it was even the topic of the closing keynote address by Krista Neher, CEO of Boot Camp Digital. At ChatterBlast, we talk a lot about ensuring that everything we post on Facebook includes an image, and this is where we really have a chance to shine and set ourselves apart. Whether we’re posting custom-made graphics, expertly-picked fair use photos or some LOL-worthy memes, visuals are the best way to elevate the impact of any brand’s social presence.

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