Review of Free Small Business Marketing Tool Buffer

review of small business tool buffer

Definitely one of my most recommended free small business marketing tools is Buffer. If you’re not familiar with Buffer, it is a social media scheduling app. While there are a number of free social media scheduling apps available, in my opinion, Buffer is the best of those available. Below I’ll share some of the reasons that I think it’s such an important tool for all small business owners.


Though its homepage mentions marketers and agencies, it’s definitely perfect for small businesses. As we all know, every small business owner is a marketer whether they like to or not.

One thing that makes Buffer stand out is its ease of use. The app is almost intuitive. I didn’t feel there was any real learning curve (a true testament to the team at Buffer). One of the toughest things about investing time in using any new marketing app is how much time that you have to spend getting up to speed, and with Buffer, it’s virtually none.

The benefit of Buffer is that you can coordinate and schedule social media updates for all your profiles from one place. The desktop version offers a Chrome extension that makes curating articles and information you come across simple.

Growing Your Social Media Profiles

Being able to incorporate content curation into our Twitter and Facebook pages is an excellent way to increase engagement while providing value to fans of your brand. Buffer is an ideal way to effectively schedule content on multiple social media platforms effortlessly.

Constantly engaging with potential customers is an excellent way to keep yourself in their mind.

Using Images With Buffer

Buffer has a great built-in tool called Pablo that allows anyone to make eye-catching social media images. Pablo allows you to upload your own image or choose one of the many great stock images that they provide. There also is a Chrome extension that allows you to add any image you find on the web to Pablo.

Pablo has multiple options for sizing. Images can be made in tall, wide, and square. Each sizing is ideal for a different platform. Below is an image I made with Pablo that quotes a famous Paul Graham (@PaulG) article, Do Things That Don’t Scale.

The importance of users to startsups

Good Place For Small Business Advice

Another great aspect of Buffer is all the great content that they produce for all their blogs. They constantly produce high-quality advice on social media, corporate transparency, coding and more. If you’re looking for a great resource, definitely add their blogs to your reading list.

Buffer is also an excellent example of corporate transparency and living the values they preach. Anyone looking to grow a company can definitely learn through the amazing amount of insights they share. Below are the 10 core values of Buffer. Definitely something most companies can learn from.


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