Small Business Marketing Tool Review – Start A Fire

review of start a fire marketing tool

Maximizing one’s efforts on social media is a recurring theme I hear from small business owners. For those wise business owners who are currently curating good content on social media, there is a free social media tool that helps to enhance your curating efforts called Start A Fire.  Start A Fire is a free tool that places an overlay call-out on the links you share. It is described on their website as:

What is Start A Fire?

Start A Fire enables you to get the full value from links you share by adding a badge with your content recommendations within any link.

By showing your badge along with your content recommendations to anyone who opens or shares the links you create, Start A Fire will help you grow and expand your content’s audience in a completely seamless way.

Start A Fire is fully integrated with social media tools, such as HubSpot, Buffer, and Oktopost, and supports both desktop and mobile devices.

start a fire homepage - april 2016

Start A Fire allows you to maximize the efforts you are putting into content curation by allowing you to provide a link-back to a specific page, landing page, or section of your website. All of it is done seamlessly from the backend. What really make Start A Fire valuable is its integration with platforms like Buffer, Hubspot, and OktoPost.

As I’ve written previously, Buffer is a social media tool that all small business owners should be using, and if you already are using it, adding Start A Fire only takes a few minutes and can definitely increase the effectiveness of sharing links on social media. Below are some actual results I achieved while using Start  A Fire in the last few months.

Our Results With Start A Fire

small business marketing tool review - startafire

The best part of all the clicks I received above is that they were all received via automation. This allows you to continually be curating content while receiving the benefit of potential website clicks. Many small business owners find curating others content as a negative since they are not driving traffic directly to their site.

Improving Your Small Business Social Media Marketing

This is misguided as you need to grow a community around your brand and one of the best ways to do this is by curating news. Using Start A Fire allows you as a business owner to receive a secondary benefit of a potential click-through to your site.

If you’re a business owner looking to improve your social media while driving more traffic to your site, go right now and set up Start A Fire to start generating more leads.


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