Small Business SEO – Keep Your Online Listings Consistent

Consistent Online Listings can boost your small business SEO

For many small businesses ranking well on local searches holds a much greater value than trying to put all their search engine optimization efforts in ranking for generic search terms that may not bring any revenue. As the graph below from Moz shows, NAP or Name Address Place, is significant in two categories that involve local SEO. In order to maximize your NAP’s consistency is key.

How Online Listings Can Effect Your Local SEO


As you can see your NAP setup can impact multiple areas. The key is to use the same exact data on every one. This way search engines will have no problem associating each listing with your business.


Below are 3 quick tips from Search Engine Watch for improving your local small business SEO:

  • Getting positive reviews is critical these days so it’s a must that business owners work with their best clients to get positive reviews that mention their products and service.
  • To really improve your local rankings you will want to build citations for your local listings, these can be on local business listing website (LBLs), other websites or even your own website i.e. in a store finder section.
  • To further improve your local visibility you will want to build pages about the services you offer in certain locations and theme those pages appropriately generally along the lines of [service] in [location].

Transcription: The Importance of Consistent Online Listings for Small Business SEO

Hi, welcome to One-Minute Marketing. Today’s tip is Small Business SEO One, and it’s about the importance of consistency in your online citation listings.

Online citations are things like Yahoo Business, Yelp, Angie’s List, Who’s, anything. Anywhere your business is represented, you need to ensure that your name, address and plates is consistent across all. If you use LLC, you use Inc, however you spell it, capitalization, Suite being abbreviated the same, ensure all those are the same, and you’ll see a quick instant boost in your local SEO.

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