Synchronize Everything Online – The New SEO

The new acronym for SEO

I was looking for a way to express the importance for individuals and businesses to adopt a high-quality data-driven content marketing strategy, while working on an upcoming speech when it hit me.

It’s time for the SEO acronym to change. Search engine optimization seems to have an almost charlatan association. Many times I’ll speak with those who think it’s still possible to game or manipulate Google into making a site rank for a particular keyword, and it’s this thinking that has me thinking it’s time to change the word association with the acronym.

In order to succeed in generating traffic and revenue from digital channels it’s important to look at SEO now as the process of creating a holistic approach that works together in cohesion.

Social media, data-driven content marketing, content promotion to email follow-up all need to create a seamless experience. So everyone from small business to enterprise will benefit in 2016 from using this new acronym for 2016.

Synchronize Everything Online – The New SEO in 2016

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