The Importance of Insurance When Using Innovative Small Business Marketing Ideas

Small Business Marketing Can Require Insurance

Innovative entrepreneur Neil Patel (Quicksprout, Crazy Egg, KISS Metrics, has a great article in Forbe with some excellent ideas for how to market a small business, from using handwritten notes to hosting/organizing events. One thing that immediately jumped to mind is that for many of the ideas it would be important to check or change your small business’s insurance coverage.

From Try These 10 Rarely Used Marketing Ideas For Small Businesses…

Sponsor a kids day.
What do kids love? Bounce houses, balloons, candy, and games.

What do parents love? Taking their kids to the aforementioned events for free.

What are you waiting for? Rent a few bounce houses, hire a balloon artist, and turn up the music. A rousing kids day at your place of business is good clean fun. Plus, it showers your business with the good graces of kids and parents alike.


Host a block party.

Why is it that residential neighborhoods get to have all the fun? Get your small business in party mode.

You can start a party wherever you are. Invite other local businesses, rent a barbecue barrel, prepare some free soft drinks, and have some fun!

If you’re lucky, you might even get some news coverage!

Definitely take the time to read the whole article and see what you could apply to your business.

As a small business owner it’s definitely important to check your insurance coverage before planning and hosting a kids day or block party. Bounce houses have a high number of injuries and every now and then make the news for coming untethered. (Bounce House Injuries Become an ‘Epidemic’ – Time Magazine)

You wouldn’t want what could be an excellent marketing opportunity to become a nightmare. Taking the simple step of checking your insurance coverage and the insurance coverage on any vendors you use to provide like the bounce housses.

The same advice goes for anyone planning a block party or summer barbeque. If there is going to be alcohol at any event, it is especially important to be sure you are covered for the liability associated with having alcohol, catering, and an on-site event.

Definitely build-in any insurance cost associated with the event into your total budget for the event.

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